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Re: UNVOGUE Magazine seeking photographers - (Come on guys!)
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Date: 2009-01-12, 4:08PM EST

Come on guys, what are you getting all frazzled about? These guys are on the cutting edge... We're all heading to the barter system as far as the economy goes... Hell, I'll do it for a sack of red beans and rice (25 pounds min.)

Re: UNVOGUE Magazine seeking photographers (Well...)
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Date: 2009-01-12, 3:01PM EST

In all honesty, I can understand photographers getting offended by being asked to provide their equipment and skill just for the pleasure of having a photo published in UNVOGUE (?!?). It's a real problem that people put "no pay" in a place where people are looking to find paying work, especially in such an expensive enterprise as photography. It shouldn't even be an option, frankly.

To the UNVOGUE people: You get what you pay for. If you are willing to pay nothing, you probably should understand that you're not going to get a level of quality that you want representing your magazine. I am pretty sure folks would agree that if a magazine had a poor quality photograph on its cover, they're not as likely to take it seriously, and even less likely to purchase the magazine. Good luck, as you say.

RE RE RE UNVOGUE (magazines suck.)
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Date: 2009-01-12, 2:49PM EST

Hey hey, now guys, c'mon. There is no need to whine about non paying mag gigs. Us pro photographers all know that magazines think we all become superstars after getting published for credit only...when in fact I don't even know half the people who shot for the REAL Vogue 10 years ago.

Don't shoot for mags who don't pay at all. It's bad enough that some only pay $150/shoot. I've never shot for a mag and nevertheless make decent living. With patience and hard work you can do the same.

Re: UNVOGUE (Yeah right)
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Date: 2009-01-12, 1:38PM EST

Wow, what a deal. I hope the high school kid with his point and shoot that's willing to do this for you meets your needs...

UNVOGUE Magazine Seeking Photographers (Lower East Side)
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Date: 2009-01-12, 1:09PM EST

We are seeking photographers to shoot for our upcoming issue. We are looking to shoot as early as January 15, 2009. Photographer will need to work closely with editor-in-chief on model selection,story boards and must be able to meet the January 25, 2009 submission deadline . This is strictly for magazine credit. Good luck.

Team UNV

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