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re: 6 - 8 illustrations needed - $ -

(found on NY Craigslist today)

6 - 8 illustrations needed - $ (SoHo)

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Date: 2009-01-17, 2:31PM EST

Need 6 to 8 illustrations done specific to my real estate company. will be part of brochures distributed to wealthy clients. I have fairly concrete ideas of what i want the illustrations to look like. will pay $400 total for all illustrations. Please send some examples of your work illustrating people (hopely fashionable) and buildings or interiors or architecture if you have them

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Compensation: $400 for 6 - 8 illustrations

re: 6 - 8 illustrations needed - $ -

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Date: 2009-01-17, 2:56PM EST

Architectural/ real estate illustration usually cost $2000,$3000 per illustration (or even higher). And each illustration will take days to be perfectly finished.

If your client is a very wealthy/high-end person and you want to put those illustration in the brochures, that's what you should pay the illustrator!!!!

Architectural illustrator is very complicated because you can't just ask the illustrator to draw the imagination. Your client will look at that illustration and ask you to complete the exact same thing. Can you afford to upset your so-called very wealthy client?

$800 for 8 illustrations means $100/ illustration. If you need someone to do crappy jobs and few scratchy pencil sketch ( oh, and black and white), then here you go!!

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Date: 2009-01-17, 7:16PM EST

Come on guys, cut this moron some slack. He is in real estate, and probably living on the street by now. He's used to getting shafted, he's only passing along what he knows.

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Date: 2009-01-17, 8:49PM EST

"If I can use a lo/no paying gig for experience, making a connection, or any of the other hundred reasons to work besides pay, I'll do it"

Very foolish. Take it from me, a successful freelance artist... when you work for no pay, your client doesn't respect you or your work.

As far as making a connection... if you connect with cheap people, you will be working a long time for cheap people.

As far as working for "experience" when I was starting out, I took ads that I didn't like and redesigned them. Even did new headlines. Then I showed the "before" and my after. I got hired with my portfolio showing major accounts the way I would do them and it worked.

Try that for experience.

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