Thursday, December 18, 2008


(Found this posted in Gigs today)

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Date: 2008-12-18, 10:24AM EST

Dear Graphic designers please do not work for GEORGELIAS FROM MEETANDBEAT if you know him or the name is familiar he's seeking designers to do free work and no pay, claims to pay you which he will not.

No not offer anything unless your paid for it.

Don't flag unless you know it's right.. I'm here for the rights of hard working designers seeking work and no games.


GEORGE said...

Who in the world are you? Have I ever even met you in person in a business meeting? GEORGE ELIAS is a union worker who understands hard work and compensation for it. The team that I have been forming not only have I paid their asked rate and in CASH, so no taxes are taken off or Paypal so they can't get a cut. but, some have even asked for less just to start a business relation with GEORGE ELIAS. but, I've been so happy w/their work that I even paid more in some cases and again in CASH.ITS OK if i cant right it off AND take the HIT, as long as I am satisfied w/their work. I'LL BE MORE THAN HAPPY to give you their references and introduce them to you for person to person confirmation. But, DON'T GO AROUND DEFAMING peoples name before you really know them or know what they are all about.
Bottom line, if you have a college education then why post an ad on Craig's list. And, go out and get a corporate graphic designers job since you don't want to blame it on the economy. I agree their are a lot of shady people around but not all of us are the same.

GEORGE said...
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Brian Ponto said...

George, I do not write these. I only find them on the internet/craigslist and post them. These are not my words, they are the found words on "Re" posts. If you read the statement on the right side of the column, I explain it in detail. It is only a collection of random thoughts, feelings, rants, tips and advice taken from all cities of craigslist and posted here to create a dialog for the creative community. This was a real post from a person in NYC, someone you most likley have worked with. Again, I don't write these, I just "RE"post them.

Thanks for reading.

Brian Ponto said...

*Note-your comment was left twice. I removed one, I just want to let everyone know I wasn't removing something you said, just the duplicate.