Thursday, April 3, 2008

RE: Photogrpaher Needed to Photograph Two Actors

RE: Photogrpaher Needed to Photograph Two Actors
Reply to: XXX
Date: 2007-08-05, 9:55AM EDT

Errrr... purchasing the copyright to a photographer’s work would normally cost thousands of dollars.

And ‘post production’ work is all a vital and necessary part of the photography process - a camera can very rarely give you a 100% perfect image otherwise you would have no need for a photographer. Why would I want to have credit given on an image that you fools have manipulated to look ridiculous?

So how about you stop posting such a cheap and greedy ads and just go out and buy a point and shoot camera and take the shots yourself.

Photogrpaher Needed to Photograph Two Actors Reply to: Date: 2007-08-05, 9:00AM EDT We are looking for a photographer to photograph two actors (1 male 1-female) for a film promo poster. All photos will be shoot on a blue background at our studio. You must have a great digital camera and a good eye! This is a low budget production so we are looking for a reasonable rate for about 2 hours of your time. We will need the the photos downloaded to disc immediately after the shoot to our computer and will also reserve all rights to the photos. You may use them on your website for promotional purposes if you wish. We will also give you credit when we use the photos. We assure you that having these actors in your portfolio will be a plus as they are both models as well. We will also have a lot more work in the future so if you give us a good rate and do a good job on this project we will use you again. As mentioned, this is a low budget production so please do not respond with excessive hourly rates! Please email us a link to your work and a flat rate for 2-3 hours of your time. We are looking to do the shoot next weekend so you must be available then. Location: New York it’s NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests Compensation: TBD

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