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RE Photo-Intern Needed! (Midtown West)

RE Photo-Intern Needed! (Midtown West)
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Date: 2007-07-30, 2:08PM EDT

Are you serious? 20 bucks for lunch! wtf. Pay for your help. If you can afford to have a studio in nyc you can afford the 200 bucks a day for real help.

Re: Photo Assistant
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Date: 2007-07-25, 4:40PM EDT

YOU SHOULD BE ASHAMED!! All that for lunch. Is it a $200 lunch? I am a pro photographer urging other photographers to flag posts like this and one’s that want us to work for free. We should be well paid for what we do. Don’t compromise the market. GET PAID WHAT YOU DESERVE!

RE:Busy photographer looking for intern (East Village)
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Date: 2007-07-25, 4:04PM EDT

What you are looking for is called an Assistant not an intern. If you want an intern go to NYU SVA etc and set-up through the school an internship where the student will receive credit to make up for your lack of pay.

If you dont want to do that Im sure there are tons of Assistants out there who would be happy to send you a resume and their day rate

re Busy photographer looking for intern (East Village)
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Date: 2007-07-25, 3:32PM EDT

this cracks me up. If you are so “busy”, that means you have a cash flow coming in. For fucks sake, PAY your help. I see this all the time and it shows how cheap photographers are. Do you think people want to work for the sake of saying, Oh I worked with so and so. Unless you are one of the top 30 in the industry, get a reality check and realize, the world could give 2 fucks who you are. You need help, pay them!!!
What an insult!
By the way Yes I am a photographer.

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