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RE: Nonprofit Needs Technology Support and Web Help

RE: Nonprofit Needs Technology Support and Web Help
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Date: 2006-11-18, 2:01PM EST

R u kidding? “Volunteer” or “limited funds” for consultant....for someone to run virtually EVERY aspect of your tech needs, from tech support, website maintenance, hardware and software maintenance and the other million things u mentioned? I understand non-profit, but if you really want to help serve whatever population it is that u serve, u had better make finding some funding for your organizations technology needs a priority. There are plenty of grants and other options out there. The services you requested volunteers for are done by highly paid individuals that don’t have enough hours in the day to meet the demands on their time. And for good reason, these services rendered by qualified individuals are essential to any sucessful organization. So, again, you need to get your organization’s priorities in order. Just my two cents.

Original AD:

A small not-for-profit organization in NYC is losing our tech director in a few weeks and we are in dire need of tech and web help until we can assess our needs and hire permanent consultants or staff. We are looking for those who can afford to volunteer, but we also have some limited funding for consulting services and/or part-time work (particularly for tech support and IT services).

The staff member who is leaving provides tech support to approx 45 staff, oversees hardware, software, website, e-mail and database maintenance; system security, backups and upgrades and manage systems and web-related vendor accounts. He is also responsible for the periodic updates/redesign of our popular website, assisting staff with database and reporting and advising us with selection and projects done by consultants.

We are looking for people with experience/expertise in Windows OS and PC troubleshooting, networking, security, programming (PHP, MySQL, Apache, Unix administration); web design (HTML, CSS, Javascript) and database administration.

If you’re interested in providing consulting services, working p/t or, better yet, volunteering, please reply with your resume, links to any samples of your work and rates.

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