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Re: Illustrator needed!

Re: Illustrator needed!
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Date: 2007-08-03, 2:02AM EDT

Based on the limited info, let’s assume you’re looking for the standard stuff… perhaps 15-20 pages of artwork in the style Marvel or DC. And, let’s say that any decent artist will spend at least one day per page. According to your offer, that artist would be getting paid $10 a day, or $1.25 per hour. Meanwhile, minimum wage in the state of NY is $7.15 per hour.

Or better yet, let’s not make assumptions about how fast an artist can work. Who knows, maybe he or she is a prodigy and can turn out 10 solid pages a day. So based on your offer, they’d get paid ~$10 per page. Now, here are the industry standard page rates, straight out of the handbook:

Pencils: $100-$250 per page

Inks: $75-$200 per page

Coloring: $100-$150 per page

Lettering: $40-$50 per page

or, fully painted art: $300-$400 per page

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Tommy Charles said...

Amen to that! I charge $100 per full color page/panel and at that they are getting a great deal. I can do 5 good pages a day, I don't know anyone who can do ten :).