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Price for Logo design should be 600.00 (Midtown)

Price for Logo design should be 600.00 (Midtown)
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Date: 2007-05-08, 6:45PM EDT

The price for a logo should be 600.00 not under 100 or 125.00. What are you people crazy! Do you think it takes only one hour to do this? Do you think it takes a week or two to learn how to do this or someone woke up on day and said ‘Oh I’m gonna do logos’?

This is something that represents your company and says to people who you are and what you do. If it is good like the Nike logo which a student did for 500 and should of made more money on it afterwards. Anyone who accepts 100 to 150 is doing a disservice to other graphic designers by bringing down the market value of our field and those who offer so little for sound talents should be ashamed. I know florist charge little for flowers to impress or convey a message to someone but the flower you want has to bloom in someone’s hand and nurtured by their mind. Besides would you buy a flower that would die in an hour or would you pay more for a flower that bloomed and stayed alive growing more to create other blossoms? This flower would not be cheap. I have received a lot of agreement on this post and I thank you. I am from Texas and you Would get 600 for a logo where as here you would not. Yes, we designers Should get more than 600 for a logo but I think the bottom line should be 600. It takes at least a week to create an effective logo. Not 40 hours but how do you charge time for day dreaming about the logo on the train? In Miami the fine art gallery would charge 5,000.00 for a painting that really was NOT worth the canvas it was painted on. People would buy it upon the belief that it actually was worth that and would brag about how much they paid for it to others. Status symbol. That is what a logo should be. Know of anyone who is serious about hiring let me know.

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