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Date: 2006-12-07, 9:09PM EST
I need a super cool, original and stunning logo designed for a relatively new website which has caught major global attention. After only eight months Karate Athlete has already sponsored the World Championships in Finland and gotten the support of many of the world’s karate legends and International Olympic Committee recognized organizations. We are also the driving force behind the inclusion of Karate in the Olympics.

We are cool, trendy and growing rapidly!!! We service the athletes and coaches, NOT the organizations!

We are now moving into the merchandising stage and will be producing karate suits (gi’s) as well as sports bags, T shirts, sweatshirts etc etc... The artist whose design is used will get worldwide exposure. An advertising barter is also possible if the artist chooses that over the $200. A Classified is worth $350/yr on our site.

The logo should carry both concepts in it.... “Athlete” and “Karate”... please make them original and avoid the standard kicking dude... It must be simple and original (like the Polo horse)... It will be embroidered on the chest and back of the karate suits about 2” high as well as incorporated in the T shirts etc ...

Are they planning to pay for all the comp work necessarey for the ‘contest’?
Hint: if they are THAT sucessfuly they should have the money to pay for the work and not put on a ‘contest’

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=D said...

Have you found someone willing to do the logo yet?