Thursday, April 3, 2008

lag onsite and low pay work

lag onsite and low pay work
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Date: 2006-10-24, 2:17PM PDT

Flag onsite work, it belongs in the jobs section.

**Employers don’t be cheapos - pay for your listings.

Flag work that is lower than $25/hour, you can’t even higher many Indian programmers for less than $25/hour.

Why are so many trying to have people who live in the Los Angeles work for peanuts?

And it’s pretty clear that lots of people here bought one of those Internet to millions CD sets that tells them to get a student to do your site for free! GET REAL PLEASE. 99.999% of you will never earn $1000/month with your sites unless you put some considerable budget on them. You need some energy to start things out and if you don’t have the experience its unethical to try to get it for free from someone else.

Guess what?

10% of $0 = $0

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