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Dear students who may be looking for graphic design work (Midtown)

Dear students who may be looking for graphic design work (Midtown)
Reply to: see below
Date: 2007-06-28, 9:28AM EDT

1) Do not let these people take advantage of you, offering work for your portfolio in exchange for no compensation.

2) These people are not reputable and your services are not free, unless of course you are invested in the cause (ie: non-profit, charity, social cause, etc). Otherwise they are more than capable of paying you for your services. You will more than likely not get great work for your portfolio because they are going to dictate what you execute, and if they aren’t willing to pay then their visual integrity is worthless. The only other time it is appropriate to offer free services is in rare circumstances where you are doing an unpaid internship, but you should be compensated in college credits in return for your slaving away and at the very least you should receive a stipend.

3) The type of people that offer these “fun, exciting opportunities” are the same people who host “design competitions” where they will take anything they like and have it reproduced and you will never see any of the money. You don’t go to several hair stylists and say, “let me see what you can do and if I like it I’ll pay you.”

Please take this advice from a design professor who is trying to educate all students on the perils of these worthless hacks. Don’t let these people screw you over and maybe even send them a message about how unethical they are for fun. Consider it a class assignment.

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